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Science-based education built on a foundation of kindness

We've seen students of all ages get lost in ABA programs with teachers and therapists who have the best of intentions. Programs can get too tied to a model of how to use ABA that they lose sight of how to teach individuals.

ROOTS ABA offers a program fully based in the scientific discoveries of Applied Behavior Analysis but in addition, we pledge to not lose sight of the individuality of our students. We will explore the individual preferences and reinforcers of our students as well as their individual learning styles and abilities and their individual needs in regard to improving their behavior.

To that end, we incorporate a developmental / cumulative approach to building skills which involves strengthening foundation skills as a means of bolstering later, higher-level skills.

Likewise, when it's necessary to address disruptive behavior, even severely disruptive behavior, we continue our search for individual solutions by considering the questions, "Why is this child doing the things that he is doing?" and "What is another way that she could get the things that she wants or needs?" An FBA is a tool that intends to get at the former question but often doesn't have the power to accomplish that goal. Often a Functional Analysis is what is really needed. When it's necessary, ROOTS will conduct functional analyses as a means of understanding children's behavior so that we may develop the least restrictive, student-specific plan to help children get the things that they want and need.

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